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L. B. Adelphi Ltd Est. 1977  

Safety Equipment

We will not be beaten on price

All equipment designed and manufactured by L. B. Adelphi Ltd in the UK under copyright

Loading bay gates & ladder guards are proven to be reliable and easily installed. All parts are interchangeable and readily available. Below is a small example of what we can offer, for more information please Contact Us Universially used by, Bovis, Persimmon, Keystone, etc

Universal Ladder Guard

Made from aluminium and steel chain and hook. Locks are available at £4.50 each.


. . Ladder Guard. ..Guard



Personal Ladder Safety Gate

This gate is reversible self closing.
Place the post with 2 half swivels on the level upright. When secured, place the gate onto the post tighten the swivels and the gate is ready for operation. You can have your company name printed on the panel


This gate is self closing and reversible.


Personal Stair Safety Gate

Gates are reversible can be opened from left or right
Spring loaded
Made using heavy duty steel
Painted in Signal Yellow
Can fit a 900mm or 1200mm step (please specify)


Lock and Chain can be supplied at a cost of £7 per unit with key to like
The name of your company can be stamped out at a cost of £6 extra per panel


Scaffolding racking for loading and off-loading

2 galvanised storage pillars made out of strong british steel holds up to 50 scaffolding pipes making easy to load and store

£24.00 a pair

Block Barrow

Barrow1 Barrow2Barrow3

The Block Barrow is manufactured in a strong and sturdy construction using Mild steel. Painted in Bright Yellow. It has been designed with good balance, the weight is distribution is over the wheel rather than over the handles; making it very user friendly. It allows you to carry up to 8 concrete blocks at a time with ease. When you get to you destination to off-load simply tip the barrow up, the blocks will stay in their stack, and pull the trlley back.

Only handle the blocks once unlike a Wheel-Barrow. Saves time & money with broken blocks, man time and blisters.





































































































































L. B. Adelphi Ltd